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1 rating

Still waiting on the refund of the tip I left for a "supposed" barber who butchered my son's hair. Still waiting for some kind of make it right gesture, besides the free cut the second barber on site gave because she saw what her coworker did to my son's hair. Came in for a very simple trim on my hair and on a teen boy’s hair that was a smidge too long in the front hanging over the eyes. The next barber that was up had my name. I told her to take my son first since my trim would be faster as it’s a straight cut along the back and I’d hop in with the barber in the next chair since she was close to being done with her client. I should have known to run when she told me that she appreciated that because she’s not good or comfortable with cutting a straight line. It never occurred to me what would happen next based on this basic statement. The discussion with the barber and the barber in the next chair, was very detailed concerning my son’s hair and how long it took to grow out, how much he loved the “flow”, how bad the awkward stage was to get through as it was growing, etc. The barber was clearly instructed not to follow what the system shows as the cut preference as his hair was now long and flowing and not maintained at the #2 guard length that he was getting up until 6 months ago. The last part of the conversation was very explicit that only a very small trim off the bangs to get out of his eyes and a little to clean up the back. She stated that she knew exactly what we wanted. A smidge of a trim, literally. Well, she didn’t apparently. My son’s hair that took months to grow out was butchered into a bowl, uneven, sloppy cut just 3 days before a big family event was happening. So much was cut off that his neck that was fully covered by the “flow”, was now fully exposed and she shaved his neck like a traditional short style is needed. Her hands so shaky, even the shaved line was crooked. I was in the chair next to him with my back turned getting my own minor trim when he came over to me at the end and the very first thing in shock I could say was, wow, that’s really short and not what we asked for. Still in shock, we walked up to the front to pay and the second barber without even having to ask told me she wasn’t charging me for his cut. I didn’t realize how horribly bad it was as the blinds were drawn and the lights were low in the front, I just knew it was short until I opened the door to leave and not only saw the tears in my son’s eyes, but the absolute butchering his hair had. I mistakenly paid her a tip for which she does not deserve. Especially when she never uttered a sorry or made any attempt to amend what she did. They were officially closed when we walked out. With my son, who never cries, was so distraught I went back to the door and the second barber answered. I asked her to please fix what she could of his butchered hair. She kindly did. During this cut, she did say it was uneven and her body language spoke volumes. The lady who did this to my son, continued to cut next to us with a smug smile on her face. At one point saying that “it’ll grow back”. I ended up spending even more because I tipped the second barber, not once, but twice. Once for my trim, once for her correcting her coworkers mistake in addition to the tip I gave the butcher barber (which I never should have). 20 -cut, 5 – butcher tip, 5- my trim tip, 7-the barber who tried to fix the butchered job I had to call the next day and spoke to the manager of a different location. She was nice and I asked for my tip back from that the butcher received. The owner was the only one who could do that. It’s been 8 days, still no call. The manager of that location had called, but I had to return the call and I did, but she never returned the call again. So here we are with a still butchered, but slightly repaired (the best the second barber could do with what she was left to work with), no reimbursement of the tip the butcher doesn’t deserve and zero attempt at any offering of future services for free. Literally, zero attempts to really make this right.

5 rating

I got the MVP experience today from Meagan. She was awesome! Best, most relaxing shampoo I’ve ever had, great haircut, and awesome attention to detail. I’ll definitely be back.

5 rating

My first time and Heather was an artist! Thanks Heather!

Rated 2.8 out of 5.0 based on 11 Client reviews

Jodi F. | May 27, 2022 Haircut

"Still waiting on the refund of the tip I left for a "supposed" barber who butchered my son's hair. " more
Mike B. | February 13, 2021 Overall Experience

"I got the MVP experience today from Meagan. She was awesome! Best, most relaxing shampoo I’ve ever h" more
Jo S. | October 1, 2020 Haircut

"My first time and Heather was an artist! Thanks Heather!" more
Tim A. | July 19, 2020 Overall Experience

"I was a walk in customer yesterday afternoon and this was the best haircut I have had to date. My wi" more
Bob F. | December 11, 2018 Overall Experience

"This is the second (and last) time I try the online check in system and the last time I visit this s" more
Norris T. | November 11, 2018 Service

"I do NOT like the online sign-in. Yesterday, I walked in to find i would be #9 on the list with a w" more
Norris T. | November 10, 2018 Service

"I do NOT like the online sign in. I walked in to get my hair cut today and found eight people ahead" more
Karen J. | July 15, 2018 Stylist

"I have been to your Cumming location twice now. The first time was a great experience the second ti" more
Kendall H. | May 12, 2018 Haircut

"Man hands down the best hair cut I EVER had!!! Meagan was the bomb, she was fast,smooth an so polite" more
Allyson J. | April 29, 2018 Haircut

"My son Drake loved his haircut with Shae! We will be back definitely. " more