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I have been to your Cumming location twice now. The first time was a great experience the second time was awful. My son is 5 and he has had many haircuts and this was by far the worst experience. The haircut itself was decent but not great. I knew we were in trouble by the look on the face of our stylist Stephanie. She looked pissed off and really like she did not want to be there. She does not need to work with the public but especially with kids. My son was frustrating to her for some reason and was making her already bad attitude worse. She was abrupt and not very nice to him. She jerked his head around to where she wanted it and kept asking him in a not so nice tone to be still. Well guess what he is 5 and kids are wiggly. He has never had any issue with any other hair stylist cutting his hair. In the process of her being curt with him and moving his head around where she wanted it she nicked his ear pretty bad to where it bled. I have never experienced this in any other place. She did not even address it or apologize for it. I also noticed she did not clean off her clippers once this happened so I question the cleanliness and proper sterilization of their tools in this shop. It makes me really concerned that if she did not clean it after my son bled how many other people had she nicked with those in her surly mood that day. I did not tip her but wanted to make the management and owners aware and others aware not to let her cut kids hair. BEWARE DO NOT TAKE YOUR KIDS TO THIS LOCATION AND DO NOT LET STEPHANIE CUT YOUR KID'S HAIR!!!!

Reply from Sport Clips Haircuts of Cumming:
I apologize I am just now replying, I was on vacation, and I finally have opportunity to catch up on paper work. I am so sorry that you had a poor experience at our location. It is not acceptable that your child was treated this way. Please don’t, worry about sanitation because all of our staff is required to clean and sanitize their tools after every haircut. In order to resolve this matter please email me at I look forward to hearing from you. Management, Rachel Lankford.

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Karen J. | July 15, 2018 Stylist

"I have been to your Cumming location twice now. The first time was a great experience the second ti" more